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End of Season Playing card fundraiser

Blackjacks End of Season Drinks and Card Fundraiser

At McMullans Pub on Saturday May 3rd at 6pm.  All are welcome!


There will be 10 rounds of cards drawn with 2 lots of prizes in each round.

They start from $1 going up to $10.

You can enter individually on each round, or for the serious gambler you can buy a playing card in advance for each round which would normally be $55 for all 10 rounds but can purchase for $50.

So come on pick your lucky card number while available!!


Prizes are:

Round 1:$1: (1)Gosling Rum & Rhino Baseball Cap

                        (2)Gosling Rum & Rhino Baseball Cap

Round 2:$2: (1)Kessler American whiskey, USA 7’s Fred Perry Shirt

                        (2)Kessler American whiskey, USA 7’s Fred Perry Shirt

Round 3:$3: (1) Rhino Rugby Ball & Village Pub $50 dinner gift voucher

                        (2)Canterbury Irish Rugby Ball & McMullans $50 dinner gift voucher

Round 4:$4: (1)Seagrams Canadian Whiskey & USA 7’s Black Hoody

                        (2)Seagrams Canadian Whiskey & Rhino Black Hoody

Round 5:$5: (1)Canterbury Irish Rugby Ball & Rhino Black Hoody

                        (2)Gosling Rum & Glass Chess set

Round6:$6: (1)Juarez Tequila Gold & Canterbury Backpack, Tee Shirt & Polo top

                       (2)Juarez Tequila Gold & Canterbury Backpack, Tee Shirt & Polo top

Round 7:$7: (1) Ron Rio White Rum & Ladies Hair Cut by Master Stylist Artura

                        (2)Ron Rio White Rum & Todd English $75 dinner gift voucher

Round 8:$8: (1)Rhino Gilet (Bodywarmer) & Canterbury Backpack, Tee Shirt & Polo top 

                        (2) Rhino Gilet (Bodywarmer) & Canterbury Backpack, Tee Shirt & Polo top

Round 9:$9: (1) Paddy’s Devil Apple Whiskey & Rhino Squall Jacket & Photo Shoot  With 5 Photos

                        (2)Paddy’s Devil Apple Whiskey & Rhino squall Jacket & Photo Shoot With 5 Photos

Round 10:$10: (1) Goslings Rum & USA 7’s Designer Tee Shirt & USA 7’s Official Framed Artwork & PBR $100 dinner gift voucher &  Canon Digital Camera

                        (2) Goslings Rum & USA 7’s Coffee Table Book &  Ladies Hair Cut by Master Stylist Artura & 5 Chiropractic Sessions & Blackjacks 2015 Club Dues gift voucher          




Saturday April 12, 2014 Match info: OMBAC, AWAY

From Dan:

Location - Lil Q @ 9449 Friars Road , 92128 

Kick Off time @ 1pm 

OMBAC will be wearing white jerseys with blue shorts 

After match following the game is @ the Tilted Kilt in Mission Valley @1640 Camino Del Rio South , 92128


APRIL 26: Sin City and Blackjacks, fun for all:

From Dan:

Here is the proposal for 26th April:
B side versus Irish ( full match )

Old boys versus Irish ( 40 minutes/ rolling subs / as many changes as you wish lol )
A side versus Irish ( full match ).

Followed by lots of beers at mcmullans,and our fundraiser evening with lots of prizes,

and Irish as our guests.

It's time you play some fun rugby with your brothers of Vegas.  

Be there or be square!

Las Vegas Irish RFC

Games and Fundraiser CALLED OFF for Saturday...

Ladies and Gents, the Saturday 4/5/14 matches, as well as the card-fundraiser, have been called off.  

Visiting team just ain't gonna make it.

We will do the card fundraiser another night, to be announced later (Dan will announce it on Facebook as well).

See the LV Youth match at 11:30 AM!   Support some future Blackjacks.

Then, boot up up for some fun men's touch rugby, a touch game for all current and former Blackjacks... join in at the pitch.

Keep up your fitness. 

Afterall, WE ARE NOT DONE YET.  

....Then, some BEER at McMullins Pub (ok, or maybe cola as well).



CARD FUNDRAISER NIGHT! Prizes inlcude...

Some prizes for this Saturday’s fundraiser, all bring a guest !!!
Chiropractic sessions.
Dinner for two gift vouchers, various restaurants.
Various Rhino clothing, jackets, hoody’s, shirts
Bottles of Whiskey, Rum, Tequila etc.
Canterbury back packs
Canterbury shirts
Chess set
Canon digital camera
Blackjacks 2015 club dues gift voucher
Ladies hair cut by master stylist
Photo shoot at studio or home with photos.

April 5, 2014: Matches at HOME

From Dan:
Hi Guys

This seems to be the line up for this Saturday's ( 4/5 ) matches :

11.30am LVRA versus Aces
1.00 Division 1 Blackjacks versus Santa Monica
3.00 Division 3 Blackjacks versus Oxy Olde boys

All these matches will be played at :
Charlie Frias Park
4801 S Decatur Blvd
Las Vegas NV 89103

The Aftermatch function will be at :
McMullans Irish pub
4650 W Tropicana Ave
Las Vegas NV 89103
( across the street )

Division 3 will be playing in black and white
Division 1 will be playing in black and red

Food should be available around 5.30pm, cheers.
We have a fundraiser evening afterwards ( with tons of prizes ), as this our last home game of the regular season.

Any issues please let us know ASAP so we can try and accommodate.
Remember Saturday is rugby day!!

702 204 9089

Come join the Vegas Blackjacks and LVRA Rugby Clubs This Saturday

10am Aces versus Snow Canyon 11.30am LVRA 9/10 versus Snow Canyon 9/10 12.30 LVRA versus Desert Hills 2.00 Division 3 Blackjacks versus Belmont Shore 3.30 Division 1 Blackjacks versus Belmont Shore All these matches will be played at : Charlie Frias Park 4801 S Decatur Blvd Las Vegas NV 89103

Las Vegas Blackjacks Vs Los Angeles Rugby Club

The Las Vegas Blackjacks will be hosting Los Angeles Rugby Club this Saturday, February 15, 2014 at Cragin Park.

Bring the family and join us for a full day of rugby and fun.

10 a.m. Las Vegas Rugby Academy Vs. Aces
12 p.m. UNLV vs Dixie
1.30 p.m. Division 3: Blackjacks Vs. Los Angeles
3.30 p.m. Division 1: Blackjacks Vs. Los Angeles

All to be played:
Cragin Park
4099 Fulton Place
Las Vegas NV 89107
( turn left on Charleston Blvd from I15 northbound )

Aftermatch social :
Mcmullans Irish Pub
4650 W Tropicana Avenue
Las Vegas NV 89103

Saturday is a rugby day!




Midnight Sevens


The 2014 Rugby season has begun!

The Blackjacks Rugby Club has members from around the world, and we always welcome new players and new supporters.   In addition to the Mens' Division 1 Side, we also have a Men's Division 3 side (new in 2014).   Plus, don't miss our "Lady Blackjacks" team! Join us.   We have a great group of hardworking ruggers.

Be sure to follow our home games at Charlie Frias Park*, on the corner of Tropicana and Decatur, Las Vegas, Nevada. We also practice at that park on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:00pm.   Come early to put your boots on and warm up.

Old boys, come on out and say hello!   

Post-game events are always at our favorite place,   McMullin’s Pub, on Tropicana (just near the rugby pitch, next to the Orleans Hotel).   McMullin’s Pub… the “purveyors of the perfect pint” (24/7)!  Visit their website:

*Click on text to view the location of Charlie Frias Park: 4801 S Decatur Blvd, Las Vegas, NV


Backjacks D1 and D3 Matches in PDF form

Spring 2014 Matches are on Saturdays, as always!   In the following schedules, you can find out when and who we play, at home and away.

Senior Mens D1:


Senior Mens D3: