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The new website is here!


We're proud to announce...

Our new website is now published, though still undergoing some construction.

Please note that some features are undergoing construction and updates. For example, the "Club Discussion Forum" should be launched in a day or two. This is a private forum for members of our Blackjacks Rugby Club.  It will be visible ONLY to registered club members (our private forum).  

The "BLOG" will be available for members to make first posts, and for anyone in the public to see and comment on freely... all will be "open-topics" that have no sensitive info. Comments can even be sent to Facebook if you check the box in the left corner of the doalog box.

Blackjacks Club members may request a login: Email Robert at .  Include your first and last name, and you will be sent a login and password as soon as possible.  If you wish to include some famous nickname, feel free.