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Steel Defense send Lions home with a loss!

On a beautiful cool fall Saturday (Saturday is a RUGBY DAY!!) morning in Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Rugby Academy took the field at Silvestri Middle School field to embark in a game of touch. There were three games total on the day. The young ruggers (ages 5-10) played one match of forty minutes and the more experienced ruggers (ages 11-18) played two forty minute matches.

The young ruggers match was filled with a lot of excitement and keep the spectators on the edge of their seats.

Both of the more experienced ruggers matches were filled with long runs, great passes, and stellar defense from the opening kickoff to the final whistle. In the first game (Lions vs. Black Steel) the Lions team started off to a very good start. They took the opening kick off in for a try, scored by Izzak. (This is Izzak first touch game of the fall because he missed the first set of games due to attending the Serevi Rugby Camp in Utah, where he won the drop-kick and passing contest.) Lions kicked off to Black Steel, the Lions defense stood firm not giving the Black Steel much room to work with. Off of a Black Steel turnover The Lions sent the ball out wide to Izzak, who was in for the try in the corner. Black Steel took the ball the entire length of the field from the restart where they found Jarion for a try. Jarion also added another try in the first half. After the restart, Lions found again an open Izzak wide open on the wing who ran in for his third try of the day. Just before half, Dallen of the Black Steel found the try zone from about eight phases of possession.

After a quick pep talk by the coaches, both teams were eager to take the field for the second half. Lions kicked off to Black Steel who took the ball at the 22 meter line due to the restart going out of the back of the try zone. Black Steel moved the ball nicely down the field and was able to find their speedster Noah out wide for a try. Black Steel never looked back after the first try of the second half. Black Steel found Noah two more times for tries, Brad added two second half tries, and Dallen & Jarion finished with one try in the second half. The lions found some light right before the final whistle to put Dean over for the final try of the match. Try scores from game one: Lions: Izzak (3), Dean (2), Black Steel: Jarion (3), Noah (3), Dallen (2), Brad (2)

In game two, Adults were able to play in the match. The young ruggers really benefit from running with the adults because the adults are able to help the young ruggers get into the right passion on the field. The Black/Yellow was able to out muscle and score the Black/Red to win the second match. Both teams ended the day with the same record of 1-1.

The next touch matches are on November 12, at Silvestri Middle School field. WE DARE YOU TO TRY!!!