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RugbyFit Results: Hurricanes Beats the Brumbies

Silvestri Middle School: Saturday is Rugby Day. Parents, grandparents, rugby fans and even some soccer players gather around the rugby pitch to watch the RugbyFit teams (5yrs – 10yrs) Hurricanes play the Brumbies. Hurricanes won the coin toss and Hurricane’s Captain Ami chose to receive the ball first. Brumbies captain Sarah decided to defend with the wind on their back. Both team looked nervous and excited at the same time. Both coaches directing their teams on where they need to be before the game starts.

The game started with both team’s captain waving to the referee, showing they are ready. Brumbies kicked the ball and Hurricane’s captain Ami caught the ball, ran straight and then cut to his left, out pacing the Brumbies defense to score under the post. Conversion was kicked by Alex, Hurricanes 7 Brumbies 0. Brumbies shocked at how quick the Hurricanes regroup and with some encouraging words from their coach started their counter attack. Receiving the kickoff the Brumbies started their attack to even the score. With some nifty side steps and no look passes the Brumbies where rewarded when #8 Lehi scored in the right corner to close the gap Hurricanes 7 Brumbies 5(conversion missed). Hurricanes got extended their lead when Captain Ami scored his 2nd try of game which almost looked like his first try (Hurricanes 12 Brumbies 7). The Brumbies tried hard to get close to the try line and a few times where on the Hurricanes try line but could not break the hurricane defense. Hurricanes took a lineout from their 22meter and attacked down the field to send their #6 Kalai under the post to give the Hurricanes a 19-7 lead. Just a few minutes before the half #6 Kalai scored his 2nd when a Brumbies turnover and overlap saw #6 Kalai out ran the Brumbies winger. (Conversion made by #11 Alonzo)

Halftime: Hurricanes 24-7

The 2nd half started with the Brumbies taking the kickoff and attacking the left side of the field. Hurricanes defense was found taking nap as Brumbies captain Sarah took a pass from #2 Leo and stretch the Hurricanes defense. A quick recycle from the touch and the brumbies send the ball wide who found #8 Lehi, who side stepped two Hurricane defenders to score. (Brumbies 14 Hurricanes 24) Brumbies kept the pressure on and played most of the 2nd half on the Hurricanes 22 meters. The Hurricanes weathering the attack finally saw an opportunity when the Brumbies knocked the ball. The Hurricanes attacked left and with some no look passes sent the Brumbies in a scramble in defense. With the Brumbies defense slow to retreat to onside, the Hurricanes found #12 Alex split two defenders to score. Brumbies had several opportunities to score but a few mistake cost them points. Final score Hurricanes 29 Brumbies 14. Hats off to the Brumbies who played a lot closer than the score showed. I look forward to the RugbyFit Finals as the Brumbies will get a rematch with the Hurricanes. Rugby, we dare you to TRY!