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March 29, 2014 Match Report: Blackjacks vs. Old Aztecs (in Las Vegas)

03/29/2014   Blackjacks vs. Old Aztecs, in Vegas .

Kickoff was at 3.00 pm sharp.

It was a nice sunny, cool day with a friendly breeze blowing on a Saturday afternoon in Vegas, and both teams were ready to grind it out.

Old Aztecs kicked off to the Blackjacks, and the Old Aztecs then worked on getting a feel of what the Blackjacks’ forwards were made of.  They learned quickly that their advantage is in their back line.  Very quick feet and well-rehearsed plays earn them a first try of the game in the first ten minutes.

In the 15 minute mark of the game, the Old Aztecs scored a second try, a third on the 25 minute mark, a fourth try on the 30th minute, a fifth on the 35th minute mark, a 6th on the 37th minute on an unchallenged ball on a kickoff, and made an easy quick 5 points under the goal post.

The Blackjacks contested on an open, counter attack play on a turnover from the Old Aztecs on the 33rd minute of the game and scored their only try of the first half.

The Old Aztecs had the last say when they fought for the last try of the first half.

First Half score------Black Jacks [5] vs Oleztk [38]

All tries were scored by backline plays by both teams.

First half stats:

---BlackJacks, penalties [6],   Olesztk [6]

---Scrums- BlackJacks received 8 scrums and lost one.

---Scrums- Old Aztecs received 6 scrums and won them all.

---Line outs-  BlackJacks threw in 6 line outs and lost one.

---Line outs-   Old Aztecs threw in 6 line outs and lost one



The second half worked like clock-work for the BlackJacks. They were patient on their set pieces and got rewarded with a quick try on the first ten minutes of the second half.  They counter attacked on a mistake by the Old Aztecs, and put another 5 points on the board.

On the 20th minute, the Old Aztecs got back in their old ways and a tried for five more points making it 43 points to 17 to the Black Jacks.

At 35th minutes, the Black Jacks worked a hard push by their big forwards and scored a try, 43 Old Aztecs to 22 BlackJacks.   One more try went to the Blackjacks.

The Old Aztecs made two quick tries, with both successful conversions against the BlackJacks at the final five minutes of the game.

The FINAL SCORE:  Black Jacks [27] vs Olezstk [57]


Second half stats.

---Line outs for the Black Jacks- 4, and won them all. Great effort it, shows on the score.

---Old Aztecs had 4 line outs and won them all, but the BlackJacks defended well in the second half.

---Scrums- Black Jacks 2 scrums, won them all.

---Scrums- Old Aztecs - 5 scrums, and won them all

Penalties:  The first 20 minutes of the half, Old Aztecs committed 5 penalties and the BlackJacks took advantage of it for 12 points.  In the last 15 minutes of the game, the BlackJacks committed 5 penalties and they paid for it by sacrificing 19 points.

Final notes:

Great game Black Jacks, and it’s just an opinion:  the team needs to practice together more for those that don't make it to practice.  Too many Chiefs in the field, the only one that should be yapping to the ref is the team Captain.  Most of all, know your role and do your assigned job first before you do the extra effort. Good luck to you all for the rest of the season!


Ez.  Eric Teo,