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Jr Blackjacks report


(Silvestri Middle School) Saturday is RUGBY DAY! Today was a treat for Las Vegas Rugby Fan as the Las Vegas Rugby Academy hosted the two top team in the nation, #1 Highland (Utah) and #2 United (Utah) as they travel down to Las Vegas to take on Red Mountain (Arizona) and Tempe. The first game saw Red Mountain upset United, who are the defending 2010 Under 19 National Champions. The 2nd game was a little bit one sided as Highland displayed how rugby is played. It was an awesome treat to see high level of rugby and also to have the Jr. Blackjacks and Academy kids learn from it.

The 3rd game of the day was Jr. Blackjacks against a mix team of Tempe/Red Mtn. After a good warm up and prayer the Jr. Blackjacks took the field. With the wind blowing about 12-15 mph we took the kickoff. We did great to seal and protect the ball and started to move the ball up field. Fitness was the key factor in the game as we moved the ball up the field, the number of supporters reduce and Arizona saw the opportunity and counter ruck to turn the ball over. Arizona started to attack and went wide and the winger knocked the ball on and our #14 Matt picked up the ball and out paced a few defenders to score under the post. We had some great go forward opportunity but lack the continuity to keep going the same direction. We displayed some great individual efforts but in this game of rugby, teamwork always succeeds far better then individual efforts. We won 80% of our lineout’s and stole the ball 4 times. Our the only time we gave the ball away in the lineout is when we did not throw it straight. Our scrum was shaky at the first half as we lost 55% of our scrum. When we started to hit them and push is when we started to control the scrum more. In the 2nd half we won 80% of our scrum which was an great turnaround for us. We had many opportunity to score but lack of supporters and protecting the ball. Overall the Jr. Blackjacks played well against a very talented team. Jr. Blackjacks has no where to go but up. We made 80% of tackles which was really good and the only time Arizona scored was out wide or turnover in the open field. Our Defense around the ruck area was solid and Arizona knew the only way they can move the ball was to go wide. We performed well and are looking forward for the next game and training. It was just great to see the camaraderie of the Jr. Blackjacks and how the develop as a team. I see a lot of potential with the Jr. Blackjacks and the next time we play Arizona, it will be a different result. Back to work on Tuesday with Fitness and Fitness and enhancing our rugby skills. RESPECT, RESPONSIBILTY, RUGBY!! Rugby, we dare you to TRY!!!!!!