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March 29, 2014 Match Report: Blackjacks vs. Old Aztecs (in Las Vegas)

03/29/2014   Blackjacks vs. Old Aztecs, in Vegas .

Kickoff was at 3.00 pm sharp.

It was a nice sunny, cool day with a friendly breeze blowing on a Saturday afternoon in Vegas, and both teams were ready to grind it out.

Old Aztecs kicked off to the Blackjacks, and the Old Aztecs then worked on getting a feel of what the Blackjacks’ forwards were made of.  They learned quickly that their advantage is in their back line.  Very quick feet and well-rehearsed plays earn them a first try of the game in the first ten minutes.

In the 15 minute mark of the game, the Old Aztecs scored a second try, a third on the 25 minute mark, a fourth try on the 30th minute, a fifth on the 35th minute mark, a 6th on the 37th minute on an unchallenged ball on a kickoff, and made an easy quick 5 points under the goal post.

The Blackjacks contested on an open, counter attack play on a turnover from the Old Aztecs on the 33rd minute of the game and scored their only try of the first half.

The Old Aztecs had the last say when they fought for the last try of the first half.

First Half score------Black Jacks [5] vs Oleztk [38]

All tries were scored by backline plays by both teams.

First half stats:

---BlackJacks, penalties [6],   Olesztk [6]

---Scrums- BlackJacks received 8 scrums and lost one.

---Scrums- Old Aztecs received 6 scrums and won them all.

---Line outs-  BlackJacks threw in 6 line outs and lost one.

---Line outs-   Old Aztecs threw in 6 line outs and lost one



The second half worked like clock-work for the BlackJacks. They were patient on their set pieces and got rewarded with a quick try on the first ten minutes of the second half.  They counter attacked on a mistake by the Old Aztecs, and put another 5 points on the board.

On the 20th minute, the Old Aztecs got back in their old ways and a tried for five more points making it 43 points to 17 to the Black Jacks.

At 35th minutes, the Black Jacks worked a hard push by their big forwards and scored a try, 43 Old Aztecs to 22 BlackJacks.   One more try went to the Blackjacks.

The Old Aztecs made two quick tries, with both successful conversions against the BlackJacks at the final five minutes of the game.

The FINAL SCORE:  Black Jacks [27] vs Olezstk [57]


Second half stats.

---Line outs for the Black Jacks- 4, and won them all. Great effort it, shows on the score.

---Old Aztecs had 4 line outs and won them all, but the BlackJacks defended well in the second half.

---Scrums- Black Jacks 2 scrums, won them all.

---Scrums- Old Aztecs - 5 scrums, and won them all

Penalties:  The first 20 minutes of the half, Old Aztecs committed 5 penalties and the BlackJacks took advantage of it for 12 points.  In the last 15 minutes of the game, the BlackJacks committed 5 penalties and they paid for it by sacrificing 19 points.

Final notes:

Great game Black Jacks, and it’s just an opinion:  the team needs to practice together more for those that don't make it to practice.  Too many Chiefs in the field, the only one that should be yapping to the ref is the team Captain.  Most of all, know your role and do your assigned job first before you do the extra effort. Good luck to you all for the rest of the season!


Ez.  Eric Teo,


March 22, 2014: D1 Match Report (Blackjacks vs. Belmont)

Blackjacks vs. Belmont Shore (Men's Division 1), at Las Vegas.  March 22, 2014. 

---By Robby Castillo (Blackjacks "Back")

This past weekend’s fixture found the Las Vegas Blackjacks hosting the visiting Belmont Shore.  What proved to be an exciting match featured momentum shifts and lead changes.  It started rather lethargically for the Blackjacks who found themselves trailing at half time by a score that defied what bystanders eventually had witnessed as a hard fought match between two balanced sides.  Missed opportunities and inexperienced decisions in the first half cost the Blackjacks the sure points that would have otherwise allowed for triumph. 

Belmont drew first blood when a ball that would otherwise have gone out of goal to the dead ball area was touched by a blackjack player.  The 5 meter scrum quickly led to a converted penalty.  Shortly thereafter, another converted penalty, and it was 0-6 Belmont.  The Blackjacks showed signs of life when a well-seasoned Vaha Esikia broke the gain line in a 30m gallop but support lacked and his pass from 5m out found touch.   Belmont responded by gaining possession of the lineout and later a score when two Blackjacks players simultaneously delivered blows from opposite sides of a Belmont ball carrier, either one of which on its own would have been sufficient for a tackle. But as it was, the offsetting forces allowed the Belmont player to remain on his feet and slither in for the games first try.  The conversion was good, 0-13 Belmont.  A deep kick and heavy pressure forced a Blackjacks defender to kick the ball through the dead ball line and the 5 meter scrum led to another Belmont try, conversion failed 0-18. 

Later in the first half, after stealing a Belmont lineout, the Blackjacks were able to get on the scoreboard when Left winger “Q” was able to elude Belmont defenders and then off-load to Vaha, who scored easily.  Noor Jehanga added the conversion and it was 7-13 in favor of the bad guys.  The Blackjacks missed another chance for a score shortly afterwards, when Q’s 50m run ended in a pass that seemed to be of the un-selfish, charitable variety, but it was ultimately knocked on.  Belmont scored again and the score was 7-25 at the half, however the game was much closer than the score suggested. 


The Blackjacks’ momentum and thus control for most of the second half was sparked by #22’s hard run to the 22m line.   A hands call found width to Q for an apparent score but unfortunately, the touch down was not apparent to the ref and his plea fell on deaf ears.  The Blackjacks were able to regain possession and threatened with a series of pick and drives on the northwest end of the field near the goal line.   Belmont’s defense held stiff, but the Blackjacks got the ball to the winger on the far side who touched it down in the northeast corner.  The conversion failed, 12-25, Belmont.  Not long after, Steve Allen was able to elude 3 defenders on route to a terrific 50 meter try, where he  touched the ball down at the center of the posts.  Vaha converted, 19-25.  Add a rare fashioned missed penalty kick from the Belmont fly half and the Blackjacks were in clear control of momentum and high morale, with 25 min to play.  Steve Allen again found space when he aggressively fended off one Belmont player, then proceeded to outrun the rest.  Steve off-loaded to Pati, who scored in the left corner.  Conversion failed 24-25. 

A Belmont free-kick found touch and a subsequent penalty allowed for #3 Roy Evans to find touch as the sidelines scratched their heads.  Belmont stole the lineout and got the ball out wide but Steve Allen was able to drive the offender into touch.  The Blackjacks momentum was slightly stalled when a Calvin Randleman hit on a Belmont offender left the poor soul writhing in pain and the ref called for injury time. 

Momentum was regained when winger “Q” hit the gas and danced past 5 defenders on route to a long score between the posts.  Belmont players sprinkled the field in the aftermath and looked like defeated foes.  But in an apparent omen, the ensuing conversion kick hit the right upright and the posts came crashing down.  Nevertheless, the Blackjacks had their first lead at 29-25 with 15 min to play. 

From there it seemed that the Blackjacks were in control of both game and momentum, but soon afterwards a penalty came when a Blackjacks tackle (helmet to helmet?) forced a Belmont player to be carried off the field.  Another injury to a Belmont player meant another delay and these delays worked to Belmont’s advantage as it served to quell much of the Blackjacks momentum.  With minutes to go, they regained the lead with a long break and good ball distribution which saw the ball go through the hands of 4 different players.  The score and conversion put Belmont on top 29-35 with one minute to play.  The ensuing kickoff fell into the hands of Belmont, and after some advance to the Blackjacks 22 meter line, a penalty gave the Blackjacks one final opportunity.  Strangely, the Blackjacks seemed to slow the game down, wasting precious moments in a time of urgency.  Nothing came of the possession and Belmont added another try in the waning seconds, as they managed to hold off a fierce 2nd half surge from the Blackjacks. 

Final:   29-37, Belmont.   Yet, spectators had the opportunity to see some exciting rugby and lead changes, and highlights include some inspiring runs by the Blackjacks backfield. 

This coming Saturday, the Blackjacks host the San Diego Aztecs in the 2nd of a 3 week home-stand.  Social to follow at McMullen’s Irish pub.  All are welcome.  See you all there.   



March 22, 2014: D3 Match Report (Blackjacks vs. Belmont)

Belmont at Las Vegas (Div. III) March 22, 2014 (Blackjacks vs. Belmont)

---By Patrick Opdyke (Blackjacks "Forward")

Belmont came out strong at the Blackjacks scoring two tries early in the first half. The Blackjacks then recovered the ball on a kickoff and spent a good deal of time in Belmont’s own middle territory, until the ball was lost on a penalty. Belmont gave the Blackjacks an opportunity to score by knocking the ball on on Belmont’s own try line, causing a 5m scrum reset. Belmont’s hooker won the defensive scrum, catching the Blackjacks offguard for a full field try against the Blackjacks. On the reset kickoff, Belmont played a few phases, gaining minor territory in the middle of the field. Attempting to pass wide against the Blackjacks forceful defense, Belmont scrambled a pass, causing the winger to knock the ball on. After some changes of possession and phases back and forth, Belmont chipped the ball ahead and out the back for a Blackjack 5m reset. Blackjacks quickly exited the ball with a kick deep into Belmont territory, which Belmont knocks on, giving the Blackjacks advantage. The Blackjacks capitalized strongly on it gaining 25m, culminating in a tackle into touch. The Blackjacks hold strong against Belmont’s maul off the lineout, ceding no ground. Belmont broke off, breaking the defensive line and drawing a penalty. On the quick tap, Belmont capitalized on the Blackjacks retreat to earn another try. On the kickoff, Belmont makes modest gains with numerous phases, culminating in a big tackle into touch by Trevor. On the Blackjacks lineout, Blackjacks form a maul, pass the ball to the backs for a chip kick for a modest gain. The ball was recovered by Belmont who drew a penalty and quickly tapped the ball to run a few phases up until the try line. Blackjacks scrum half won a loose ball on the ground but did not release, earning a penalty. Belmont took advantage of the quick ball on the try line to score another try.


Early in the second half, Graham grabs a loose Belmont ball deep in Blackjack territory, running straight through a gap in Belmont’s defense to score a full field try. Both teams played strong with much back and forth, trading territory. After a Belmont player ran without support, Pati managed to poach a ball and run for a minor gain in territory. Blackjacks lost the ball and the game resumed with many resets and trading of territory. On a quick tap penalty, Belmont exploits a hole in Blackjacks’ defense, scoring a half-field try. On the kickoff, Belmont knocks the ball on, and Blackjacks play advantage, ending in touch. Belmont won its lineout and forms a maul, which the Blackjacks again kept still. Belmont broke off the maul scoring another try. Off the kickoff, Belmont got a lucky route, breaking some minor arm tackles to score a quick try. The game resumed with the Blackjacks holding Belmont in their own territory and midfield, trading possession on occasion. Belmont kicked for distance, going into touch. A lineout on the 22m line, Blackjacks were called for a not straight throw. Following a quick tap, the Blackjacks were able to hold Belmont, but unable to force any errors or win the ball. After many, many phases, culminating in a presence close to the try line, Belmont found a small hole to dive for a try.







March 22, 2014 Matches, at HOME

From Dan:
This seems to be the line up for this saturday's ( 3/22 ) matches :

10am Aces versus Snow Canyon
11.30am LVRA 9/10 versus Snow Canyon 9/10
12.30 LVRA versus Desert Hills
2.00 Division 3 Blackjacks versus Belmont Shore
3.30 Division 1 Blackjacks versus Belmont Shore

All these matches will be played at :
Charlie Frias Park
4801 S Decatur Blvd
Las Vegas NV 89103

The Aftermatch function will be at :
McMullans Irish pub
4650 W Tropicana Ave
Las Vegas NV 89103
( across the street )

Division 3 will be playing in black and white
Division 1 will be playing in black and red

Lets get numbers out tuesday and thursday and make sure we are ready for Saturday.

After Match pic


Ricky and Ed: Our first and current captains


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Jr Blackjacks report


(Silvestri Middle School) Saturday is RUGBY DAY! Today was a treat for Las Vegas Rugby Fan as the Las Vegas Rugby Academy hosted the two top team in the nation, #1 Highland (Utah) and #2 United (Utah) as they travel down to Las Vegas to take on Red Mountain (Arizona) and Tempe. The first game saw Red Mountain upset United, who are the defending 2010 Under 19 National Champions. The 2nd game was a little bit one sided as Highland displayed how rugby is played. It was an awesome treat to see high level of rugby and also to have the Jr. Blackjacks and Academy kids learn from it.

The 3rd game of the day was Jr. Blackjacks against a mix team of Tempe/Red Mtn. After a good warm up and prayer the Jr. Blackjacks took the field. With the wind blowing about 12-15 mph we took the kickoff. We did great to seal and protect the ball and started to move the ball up field. Fitness was the key factor in the game as we moved the ball up the field, the number of supporters reduce and Arizona saw the opportunity and counter ruck to turn the ball over. Arizona started to attack and went wide and the winger knocked the ball on and our #14 Matt picked up the ball and out paced a few defenders to score under the post. We had some great go forward opportunity but lack the continuity to keep going the same direction. We displayed some great individual efforts but in this game of rugby, teamwork always succeeds far better then individual efforts. We won 80% of our lineout’s and stole the ball 4 times. Our the only time we gave the ball away in the lineout is when we did not throw it straight. Our scrum was shaky at the first half as we lost 55% of our scrum. When we started to hit them and push is when we started to control the scrum more. In the 2nd half we won 80% of our scrum which was an great turnaround for us. We had many opportunity to score but lack of supporters and protecting the ball. Overall the Jr. Blackjacks played well against a very talented team. Jr. Blackjacks has no where to go but up. We made 80% of tackles which was really good and the only time Arizona scored was out wide or turnover in the open field. Our Defense around the ruck area was solid and Arizona knew the only way they can move the ball was to go wide. We performed well and are looking forward for the next game and training. It was just great to see the camaraderie of the Jr. Blackjacks and how the develop as a team. I see a lot of potential with the Jr. Blackjacks and the next time we play Arizona, it will be a different result. Back to work on Tuesday with Fitness and Fitness and enhancing our rugby skills. RESPECT, RESPONSIBILTY, RUGBY!! Rugby, we dare you to TRY!!!!!!


RugbyFit Results: Hurricanes Beats the Brumbies

Silvestri Middle School: Saturday is Rugby Day. Parents, grandparents, rugby fans and even some soccer players gather around the rugby pitch to watch the RugbyFit teams (5yrs – 10yrs) Hurricanes play the Brumbies. Hurricanes won the coin toss and Hurricane’s Captain Ami chose to receive the ball first. Brumbies captain Sarah decided to defend with the wind on their back. Both team looked nervous and excited at the same time. Both coaches directing their teams on where they need to be before the game starts.

The game started with both team’s captain waving to the referee, showing they are ready. Brumbies kicked the ball and Hurricane’s captain Ami caught the ball, ran straight and then cut to his left, out pacing the Brumbies defense to score under the post. Conversion was kicked by Alex, Hurricanes 7 Brumbies 0. Brumbies shocked at how quick the Hurricanes regroup and with some encouraging words from their coach started their counter attack. Receiving the kickoff the Brumbies started their attack to even the score. With some nifty side steps and no look passes the Brumbies where rewarded when #8 Lehi scored in the right corner to close the gap Hurricanes 7 Brumbies 5(conversion missed). Hurricanes got extended their lead when Captain Ami scored his 2nd try of game which almost looked like his first try (Hurricanes 12 Brumbies 7). The Brumbies tried hard to get close to the try line and a few times where on the Hurricanes try line but could not break the hurricane defense. Hurricanes took a lineout from their 22meter and attacked down the field to send their #6 Kalai under the post to give the Hurricanes a 19-7 lead. Just a few minutes before the half #6 Kalai scored his 2nd when a Brumbies turnover and overlap saw #6 Kalai out ran the Brumbies winger. (Conversion made by #11 Alonzo)

Halftime: Hurricanes 24-7

The 2nd half started with the Brumbies taking the kickoff and attacking the left side of the field. Hurricanes defense was found taking nap as Brumbies captain Sarah took a pass from #2 Leo and stretch the Hurricanes defense. A quick recycle from the touch and the brumbies send the ball wide who found #8 Lehi, who side stepped two Hurricane defenders to score. (Brumbies 14 Hurricanes 24) Brumbies kept the pressure on and played most of the 2nd half on the Hurricanes 22 meters. The Hurricanes weathering the attack finally saw an opportunity when the Brumbies knocked the ball. The Hurricanes attacked left and with some no look passes sent the Brumbies in a scramble in defense. With the Brumbies defense slow to retreat to onside, the Hurricanes found #12 Alex split two defenders to score. Brumbies had several opportunities to score but a few mistake cost them points. Final score Hurricanes 29 Brumbies 14. Hats off to the Brumbies who played a lot closer than the score showed. I look forward to the RugbyFit Finals as the Brumbies will get a rematch with the Hurricanes. Rugby, we dare you to TRY!


Steel Defense send Lions home with a loss!

On a beautiful cool fall Saturday (Saturday is a RUGBY DAY!!) morning in Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Rugby Academy took the field at Silvestri Middle School field to embark in a game of touch. There were three games total on the day. The young ruggers (ages 5-10) played one match of forty minutes and the more experienced ruggers (ages 11-18) played two forty minute matches.

The young ruggers match was filled with a lot of excitement and keep the spectators on the edge of their seats.

Both of the more experienced ruggers matches were filled with long runs, great passes, and stellar defense from the opening kickoff to the final whistle. In the first game (Lions vs. Black Steel) the Lions team started off to a very good start. They took the opening kick off in for a try, scored by Izzak. (This is Izzak first touch game of the fall because he missed the first set of games due to attending the Serevi Rugby Camp in Utah, where he won the drop-kick and passing contest.) Lions kicked off to Black Steel, the Lions defense stood firm not giving the Black Steel much room to work with. Off of a Black Steel turnover The Lions sent the ball out wide to Izzak, who was in for the try in the corner. Black Steel took the ball the entire length of the field from the restart where they found Jarion for a try. Jarion also added another try in the first half. After the restart, Lions found again an open Izzak wide open on the wing who ran in for his third try of the day. Just before half, Dallen of the Black Steel found the try zone from about eight phases of possession.

After a quick pep talk by the coaches, both teams were eager to take the field for the second half. Lions kicked off to Black Steel who took the ball at the 22 meter line due to the restart going out of the back of the try zone. Black Steel moved the ball nicely down the field and was able to find their speedster Noah out wide for a try. Black Steel never looked back after the first try of the second half. Black Steel found Noah two more times for tries, Brad added two second half tries, and Dallen & Jarion finished with one try in the second half. The lions found some light right before the final whistle to put Dean over for the final try of the match. Try scores from game one: Lions: Izzak (3), Dean (2), Black Steel: Jarion (3), Noah (3), Dallen (2), Brad (2)

In game two, Adults were able to play in the match. The young ruggers really benefit from running with the adults because the adults are able to help the young ruggers get into the right passion on the field. The Black/Yellow was able to out muscle and score the Black/Red to win the second match. Both teams ended the day with the same record of 1-1.

The next touch matches are on November 12, at Silvestri Middle School field. WE DARE YOU TO TRY!!!